Gas Processing Plant Increased Profits by USD 10 Million

A South East Asia plant with eight trains that produces gas and liquefied petroleum gas wanted to grow profitability by at least USD 3 million/year.

The Challenge

The operator contacted KBC to help them improve their yields and identify energy saving methods. The operators long term goal was to develop a corporate culture of continuous improvement. To meet that objective, they needed to improve their employee skill set so they could identify and implement their own profit improvement programs.


KBC used Petro-SIM® simulation software to create a digital twin of the plant. The consultants identified more than 50 profit improvement opportunities. Based on practicality and feasibility, the project team agreed to implement 24 of the identified opportunities worth over USD 10 million/year with no capex.

The Results

The operator increased profits by USD 10 million/year. KBC not only met the plant’s program financial targets, the consultants exceeded expectations by USD 7 million. By closing gaps and eliminating instability, the operator also increased the value of their product.