Internships with KBC

KBC offers internships across our business. We provide resources, mentorship, and hands-on experience to help students kick start their career while supporting their ongoing university studies. Students enrolled in undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs are invited to apply. 

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Diversity Lends Breadth of Experience

As a KBC intern, you will gain a breadth of experience working in an international business setting with leading industry experts. Our workforce is as diverse as our internships ranging from Accounting, Event Management, Sales and Marketing, Computer Science, IT, Engineering, and more. 

As an intern, you'll start with a comprehensive on-boarding experience. Then, we pair you with one of our industry experts who will serve as your mentor throughout the duration of your internship. Finally, you'll wrap up your internship with a presentation of your project to your team.  

Our Interns & Mentors

At KBC, our internships integrate formal classroom learning with real-world practice, exposing you to the realities of your intended profession. Whether joining us virtually or in-person, you'll be mentored by experts in the field and take responsibility for a project that matters. All of our interns are empowered to co-create their experience, contribute to innovation, explore their passions, and develop a stronger self-awareness of their strengths.

Prachi Chapman, R&D Consultant

As a former intern with KBC, I found my experience rewarding. My participation in the internship program gave me the chance to gain real-world experience, receive mentorship, and enhance my skills in a stimulating yet nurturing environment. Due to KBC's small size, the projects were fast-paced. This setting allowed me to not only adapt and act independently but also collaborate with different departments. In addition, I applied many of the concepts and coding skills learned in school in a unique manner, which helped me develop new ways of thinking and approaches. As a result of my internship, I gained valuable knowledge and built many wonderful relationships.

Prachi Chapman, Former Intern

Jorge Mamprin, Software Support Team Leader

Throughout my career, I have mentored several entry-level professionals at KBC. I strongly believe that mentorship is a very important part of professional development. It is my privilege as a mentor to provide my protégé with guidance, support, and opportunities for growth. The goal is to help my mentee gain the skills and confidence they need to enjoy a long and successful career at KBC. One of the most important things I do as a mentor is to provide positive and constructive feedback. These conversations have not only been beneficial for my mentee's development, but they have also helped me become a better mentor.  I am honored that KBC has chosen me to help mold new candidates entering the workforce, and I have greatly enjoyed watching their career progress at KBC. 

Jorge Mamprin, Mentor

Eloisa Cotanda, Marketing Intern

During the summer of 2022, I interned remotely for the KBC Marketing Department. As a result of my mentor's support, I participated in meetings and company events that taught me how to integrate myself into the corporate culture. Moreover, my mentor gave me the opportunity to combine classroom theory with hands-on experience to discover my passions. Thanks to her encouragement, I was able to lead videography projects, work with multiple product managers worldwide, and make independent workplace decisions. Because my mentor believed in me, I built confidence in myself. I am grateful for this internship opportunity at KBC. It has set a foundation for future personal and professional growth.

Eloisa Cotanda, Intern

Our Current Intern Vacancies

Intern - One Year Placement

Be part of an organization committed to excellence and making a positive impact in the world. See how you can make meaningful contributions as a student intern at KBC.  View our vacancies for internship opportunities.