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Production and yield accounting

Why choose our VM-PA software?

VM-PA generates mathematical reconciliation models to detect losses, custody transfer errors and data input errors in support of mass loss detection leading practices. An advanced web-based, user-friendly environment enables flexible reporting and simplified sharing and collaboration. The software robustly integrates with plant and enterprise IT systems. VM-PA facilitates best practice work processes by providing an accurate view of operations and actionable results for maintenance, loss minimization and accounting practices.

Our products and services

VM-PA software can model both the process side as well as the utilities side. It can include the entire supply chain inventories and all material movements, as well as pipelines. 

VM-PA serves as a:

  • Productivity tool to log activities, while providing early error detection when reporting movements and inventories
  • Central data repository where inventories and movements are calculated, distributed, traced, stored and checked using a rigorous model of the entire plan
  • Data preparation tool for data reconciliation and analysis
  • Mass balance reconciliation tool, both overall and by components
  • Gross error and mass loss detection analysis tool

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