Equipment sizing and costing

Petro-SIZE is a powerful and intuitive application for process equipment sizing and the execution of rating calculations. Offering over 90 calculation modules for asset designers, plant engineers and plant operators, Petro-SIZE is a game-changing solution ensuring efficiency, accuracy and usability across the Energy and Chemical industry.

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Petro-SIZE offers a holistic approach to equipment sizing and rating across the upstream oil and gas, oil refining and petrochemicals industries. It drives unrivalled results in user efficiency, accuracy and usability across engineering design.

Offering sizing and rating modules not available elsewhere, Petro-SIZE is a powerful, easy to use platform to assist designers, plant engineers and plant operators in their daily management, troubleshooting and debottlenecking activities.

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Petro-SIZE allows users to achieve significant savings in capital expenditure by designing the optimal equipment for each service.

Petro-SIZE enables users to improve plant reliability and product quality by accurately determining the capacity of existing equipment.

Inclusion of many user-defined parameters make Petro-SIZE modules flexible and customizable, so able to adopt different standards and company preferences. The software’s process design modules integrate fully with our process simulator Petro-SIM.

Other software

Simulation and optimization

Our simulation and optimization software goes hand-in-hand with robust business processes that support operational excellence. Our thermodynamics is the upstream industry standard and our refinery reactor models are the benchmark against which all other models are compared.

Production planning software

The combination of Chevron’s PETRO LP (linear programming) technology with KBC’s world-class rigorous simulation and supply chain management technologies and services brings a new dimension to molecular management and value chain optimization for oil refinery and petrochemical plants.

Supply chain software

Turning production plans into an executable end-to-end schedule that accounts for process, tank-farm and logistical constraints, Visual MESA Supply Chain Scheduling (VM-SCS) enables you to maximize utilization of your assets at minimum logistical costs.

Production and yield accounting

Visual MESA Production Accounting software captures all necessary information for the calculation of inventories and material movements in a given period. It is a must-have tool for mass loss detection in complex industrial environments.

Process unit data reconciliation

Visual MESA Production Accounting (VM-PA) allows engineers to build mass balance reconciliation models for closing individual process unit mass balances. It integrates the production accounting and engineering worlds so that each use the same single data source. The result is better engineering improvement opportunities and accounting balance for the organization.

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