Value chain optimization

Supply chains across single or multiple assets need to be viewed as much more than just feedstocks and finished products. Asset portfolios need to be considered as wider, holistic optimization systems in which the value of all molecules is to be maximized. We combine our supply chain consulting expertise with industry leading technologies for asset-wide simulation, planning, scheduling and production accounting to deliver uniquely integrated and holistic value chain optimization solutions. We implement the right processes, capabilities and technologies to deliver effective value chain optimization taking into account product demand forecasts and pricing, competitor dynamics, plant and unit processing capacities and constraints, and raw and intermediate feedstock availability, pricing and qualities.

The benefits of value chain optimization

Our value chain optimization services offer short-term commercial optimization of the value chain, which can then be sustained into the future.

Our solutions maximize asset value by ensuring operating strategies are geared to market demand and competitive dynamics.

Our value chain optimization programs can easily yield in excess of US$ 100 million.

Other consulting services

Operational excellence

Operational Excellence is the systematic application of technology and capabilities to ensure superior results, sustained. We map required business competencies and your unique position within your market to our Operations Management System, an outcome of our unique OpX model.

Profit improvement

KBC was founded on the ‘PIP’ – the Profit Improvement Program. And the PIP remains as valid today as it did 30 years ago. Focused on maximizing revenues and minimizing costs, our PIP consultants identify sustainable opportunities for profit improvement that require no or minor capital investment.

Asset integrity

Our consultants identify and implement the most appropriate processes and technologies to balance the long-term integrity of assets against the need to push production to physical limits. Monitoring conformance and managing compliance ensure plants continuously run at optimum operating constraints.

Enterprise team effectiveness

We provide organizational change management and human performance improvement services focused on performance management, competency assessment and full-scale training system design and implementation.

Data governance

Our consultants recommend business processes and practices to ensure the quality and availability of real-time data so that it can be relied on by your staff and software applications for measuring operating performance, and intelligently associated with assets to assure performance improvement.

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