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Our experts from the Energy and Chemical industry have decades of experience working with the world’s leading operating companies. We can provide insight and guidance on how to improve plant yield, reduce energy utilization, manage unforeseen disturbances, troubleshoot unfamiliar problems, respond to regulatory changes, sensibly apply latest information and automation technologies, debottleneck constraints, select the best feedstock, and schedule and optimize distribution.

What we offer

Drawing on our extensive Energy and Chemical industry experience, together with specialized skills in process simulation, automation, workflow management and the application of the cloud, we are able to solve your most complex operating problems. We can provide insight and guidance in:

  • Optimizing plant yield
  • Reducing energy utilization
  • Managing unforeseen disturbances
  • Troubleshooting unfamiliar problems
  • Responding to regulatory changes
  • Appropriately applying the latest information and automation technologies
  • Debottlenecking constraints
  • Selecting optimal feedstocks
  • Scheduling and optimizing product distribution

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Our products and services

Our 5 main areas of practice correspond to the major competencies that operations need to embrace for sustainable success:

  • Operational excellence – processes and best practices that instill a culture of excellence throughout the organization
  • Profit improvement – analysis of process operation, energy utilization and supporting functions to improve top- and bottom-line financial performance
  • Asset integrity – best practices for managing the lifecycle of assets in the context of maximizing overall operating profitability
  • Enterprise team effectiveness – retaining and training talent, and identification of technologies to support knowledge capture and sharing
  • Data governance – recognizing real-time data as a corporate asset, and ensuring the trustworthiness of data as it propagates through the organization

Operational excellence

Operational Excellence is the systematic application of technology and capabilities to ensure superior results, sustained. We map required business competencies and your unique position within your market to our Operations Management System, an outcome of our unique OpX model.

Profit improvement

KBC was founded on the ‘PIP’ – the Profit Improvement Program. And the PIP remains as valid today as it did 30 years ago. Focused on maximizing revenues and minimizing costs, our PIP consultants identify sustainable opportunities for profit improvement that require no or minor capital investment.

Asset integrity

Our consultants identify and implement the most appropriate processes and technologies to balance the long-term integrity of assets against the need to push production to physical limits. Monitoring conformance and managing compliance ensure plants continuously run at optimum operating constraints.

Enterprise team effectiveness

We provide organizational change management and human performance improvement services focused on performance management, competency assessment and full-scale training system design and implementation.

Data governance

Our consultants recommend business processes and practices to ensure the quality and availability of real-time data so that it can be relied on by your staff and software applications for measuring operating performance, and intelligently associated with assets to assure performance improvement.

Value chain optimization

We combine our supply chain consulting expertise with industry leading technologies for asset-wide simulation, planning, scheduling and production accounting to deliver uniquely integrated and holistic value chain optimization solutions.

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