Due diligence consulting

When investing or recapitalizing, accurate and comprehensive due diligence is essential to a full understanding of financial and corporate risk. In the Energy and Chemical industry, we ensure financial decisions are sound by not just relying on generalized financial principles, but also on specialized domain knowledge.

Supporting your technical, environment and commercial due dilligence

We provide a unique package of technical, commercial and environmental due diligence capabilities designed to assist the buyer and their financial advisors in making sound investment decisions.

Once a decision to proceed is made, we determine the appropriate acquisition or investment value as well as the best way to maximize the value of a target asset throughout its lifecycle.

Our specialized due diligence offering complements financial, legal, human resource and information systems due diligence structures. Our extensive domain knowledge of markets, competition and operations, combined with business and financial analysis and modeling, ensure expected shareholder return is realized.

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Due diligence analysis for refinery upgrade

Due to our unique simulation and consultancy capabilities, KBC was asked to conduct a technical, commercial and environmental due diligence analysis to help assess the viability of converting an existing refinery into a heavy oil upgrader.

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Other solutions

Subject matter consulting

Our experts from the Energy and Chemical industry have decades of experience working with the world’s leading operating companies. We can provide insight and guidance on how to improve plant yield, reduce energy utilization, manage unforeseen disturbances, troubleshoot unfamiliar problems, respond to regulatory changes, sensibly apply latest information and automation technologies, debottleneck constraints, select the best feedstock, and schedule and optimize distribution.

Software services

Our unique blend of software and process skills means that we can supply end-to-end software services that integrate best-in-class applications with automated, real-time data collection and analysis. This holistic approach results in greater performance from assets (e.g. increased yields, reduced energy costs, more repeatable quality standards or less incidents), relentlessly, and with fewer skilled people.

Cloud computing

Energy and Chemical industry companies around the world rely on KBC as the custodian of their real-time data assets. Since 2000, we have been pioneering cloud services for the industry, providing real-time data to enhance and develop collaborative 21st century business models. We offer DaaS (Data-as-a-Service), SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and Operational Excellence-as-a-Service.

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