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Services that deliver operational excellence

Focused on asset modeling and asset performance, KBC’s services are provided by experts whose industry experience intersects with expertise in the domains of process simulation, automation and real-time data management.

The services we provide for the Energy and Chemical industry

Our services ensure you have both the talent and the optimal working culture to get the best from your operations. We leverage our software products to rigorously establish operating envelopes, to safely drive the operation in the most economical way within that envelope, and to debottleneck constraints. We replicate the process model in the underlying data to measure and improve operating performance. We harness the power of the cloud.

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Our services

As well as providing stand-alone expert consulting services around specific subject-matter specializations, our business, process and IT / operational technology consulting capabilities are packaged to address the key areas of concern common to most operating companies.

Our implementation services cover our own software products as well as best-in-class third-party products. We also design, develop and implement custom-built applications that rely on real-time customer data.

Our cloud-based IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) services eliminate the barriers of time and place between where problems materialize and where they can be solved. In addition, they support business models that extend beyond the plant to partners and suppliers.

Subject matter consulting

Our experts from the Energy and Chemical industry have decades of experience working with the world’s leading operating companies. We can provide insight and guidance on how to improve plant yield, reduce energy utilization, manage unforeseen disturbances, troubleshoot unfamiliar problems, respond to regulatory changes, sensibly apply latest information and automation technologies, debottleneck constraints, select the best feedstock, and schedule and optimize distribution.

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Software services

Our unique blend of software and process skills means that we can supply end-to-end software services that integrate best-in-class applications with automated, real-time data collection and analysis. This holistic approach results in greater performance from assets (e.g. increased yields, reduced energy costs, more repeatable quality standards or less incidents), relentlessly, and with fewer skilled people.

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Cloud computing

Energy and Chemical industry companies around the world rely on KBC as the custodian of their real-time data assets. Since 2000, we have been pioneering cloud services for the industry, providing real-time data to enhance and develop collaborative 21st century business models. We offer DaaS (Data-as-a-Service), SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and Operational Excellence-as-a-Service.

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