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KBC receives APS Supplier Excellence Award for value-add relationship

May 30, 2019

Arizona’s largest and longest-serving electric company, APS, recognised KBC (A Yokogawa Company) among six companies for their outstanding service and added value as part of the company’s annual Key Supplier Forum & Awards.

From a pool of more than 4,500 businesses, KBC was selected for demonstrating above-and-beyond information technology support that included shaping and implementing an effective model for APS to evaluate new technology solutions.

As a trusted APS partner offering operational guidance, we work seamlessly to deliver long-term, value-added information technology solutions. We are integral in building a strong operational intelligence system, assessing new technologies and enabling APS operations employees to customize displays and analytic dashboards independently.

We also support key initiatives such as APS’s Digital Transformation and Continuous Improvement (DTCI) advanced analytics, transmission and distribution grid modernization and fossil generation, and marketing and trading dashboards.

Leveraging its industry experience and partnerships, the KBC team shaped the process used to define, deliver, and measure progress for new technology solutions at APS. Using an iterative, agile implementation approach, we delivered solutions by working closely with stakeholders and leveraging the power of a small team and engaged champions. This approach is now a best practice model for solution delivery.

APS commented on the award, "KBC often goes above and beyond to ensure critical regulatory needs are met. The company’s influence on APS’s situational awareness and data-driven decisions has earned the respect of the IT team and management, as well as business unit executives."

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