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KBC and Flaretot Limited announce a key partnership in the hydrocarbon energy sector

Feb 19, 2014

KBC Advanced Technologies plc and Flaretot Limited are pleased to announce that they have signed an agreement for KBC to promote and distribute Flaretot’s software suite that simulates hydraulic flare network, vessel depressurization, relief valve sizing, radiant heat transfer and plume dispersion.

KBC can now offer this best-in-class technology for upstream oil and gas, downstream refining and petrochemicals for flare systems design, as well as rating and pressure system regulations compliance. Flaretot’s technology, when integrated with KBC’s complete suite of life-of-facility and plant-wide process simulation technology, enables KBC to offer a full range of modeling technology for all hydrocarbon processing plants, backed by KBC’s unique consulting skills to provide clients with the insight they need for sustained business performance.

Flaretot’s software has been successfully used by a number of hydrocarbon energy industry operators and vendors to size pressure relief systems and comply with mandated safety regulations. The technology has a unique approach, being built around the exact workflows and case studies required by regulatory authorities, and is the most technically advanced flare and blowdown simulator on the market.

The combination of Flaretot’s technology with KBC’s sales and support channels will immediately expand the market for Flaretot’s technology, whilst opening up a wider market for KBC’s Petro-SIM™ 5 process simulation suite. The combination of the two technologies offers significantly more value as an integrated approach to design than the current, limited and individual technologies on the market. This agreement allows KBC to offer Flaretot’s software bundled with Petro-SIM today as a KBC supported solution to both existing and new clients.

KBC is pleased that Flaretot, a recognized flare design and rating company, has chosen to collaborate with KBC. Immediate value can be obtained by use of Flaretot’s software at KBC’s customer installed base and on existing consulting projects.

Dhiren Madlani, Managing Director of Flaretot, commented: “This partnership represents a significant opportunity to expand Flaretot’s market penetration in partnership with a respected global market leader in hydrocarbon energy know-how and software.”

“We selected KBC as our partner due to their impressive track record of advice, guidance and software technology in the hydrocarbon industry, which gives us the highest quality and most active channel to the market”, added Dhiren.

Andy Howell, Managing Director of Technology at KBC, commented: “KBC is on a quest to build the best simulation technology suite with alliance partners who share our passion for delivering high quality safety and profit improvement services to the oil and gas industry. The combined software suite enables KBC’s expert safety services to be standardized to this new platform. Planned integration of Flaretot’s technology and Petro-SIM 5 will provide a future one-stop solution for all plant and flare analysis with key differentiators not previously seen in our industry.”

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