Getting Wise About Well Measurements

Understand how a customer is seeing the benefits of an integrated solution that allows for near real-time calculation of well downtimes.

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Outlook for Energy Management in Refining, Petrochemical and Chemicals

The Energy Transition is happening. Every area of business is affected and effective energy management is vital according to the findings of this global survey. There is a desire to increase operational efficiency, empowering owners to stay competitive in their pursuit of decarbonization, however it is needs to be addressed through real-time data, site-wide digital twins, and proprietary analytics capability.

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Manage Energy Cost and Carbon Digitally

Asset owners have to navigate a path in relation to longer term success of the energy transition. The pursuit of energy efficiency remains the easiest and lowest risk source of energy cost reduction and decarbonization. However, current methods often lack structured and automated digital technologies to identify and sustain performance improvements. Digital energy management systems kick start and stewards a facility’s energy transition with advanced digital technology to identify, implement and sustain cost and carbon performance.

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Buy time digitalize and transition

Short-term productivity and efficiency optimization buys time; digitalization maintains the gains and savings and portfolio management positions for longer term energy transition. Out of all the levers available to producers for improving profitability and cash flow, only two are focused on driving fundamental change in the production core. Driving these levers with digital transformation approaches results in a fundamental shift in asset portfolio ‘production core’ and is the only way to lead to a more resilient or sustainable future.

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Mitigating corrosion with a Digital Twin

Data-driven engineering helps engineers to identify ways to improve predictions of corrosion.

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Risk thresholds driving alternate business models

This whitepaper outlines how Remote Operating Centers (ROCs) are an opportunity to benefit safety and profit. Redesigning the organization around value and knowledge, supported by the application and adoption of technology transforms a business with collective optimization.

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Creating a seamless digital patchwork

Three words have become synonymous with digitalization initiatives and their value: analytics, connectivity and collaboration.

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Enhanced molecular management

For integrated refinery petrochemicals complexes using the digital twin.

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Value chain optimization manifesto

The manifesto outlines how value chain optimization can be applied wisely, demystifies the jargon, describes practical solutions and demonstrates value.

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Lifecycle data management to thrive in low oil price environments

This whitepaper looks at how data readiness is critical for maintaining competitiveness.

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