Getting Wise About Well Measurements

Understand how a customer is seeing the benefits of an integrated solution that allows for near real-time calculation of well downtimes.

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Techno-economic Metrics of Carbon Utilization – Part 1

This article looks at the technological and economical parameters of carbon utilization and how these parameters vary widely depending on external and technology-specific variables.

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Digital Twin of a Gas Turbine Using Hydrogen Enriched Fuel

This study shows how leading gas turbine manufacturers have significantly curbed CO2 emissions by integrating hydrogen into the fuel gas mixture.

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Carbon Capture Study

This paper discusses the analysis of carbon capturing technologies, specifically CO2 capturing from flue gases using different amine solvent formulations.

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Keeping Feedstock Flexible to Improve Margins

In this article we outline how to improve margins through feedstock flexibility

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Process Digital Twin Automated Reporting Reduces Combustion Emissions

This whitepaper examines the combustion by-products generated by three different compressor drivers on a floating, production, storage and offloading vessel using Petro-SIM process simulator. Using the information generated from the simulator, operators can compare the results against regulations, and then adjust combustion design and operations accordingly to satisfy both environmental standards and profit expectations.

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Mercury model validation

Predicting solubility of Mercury in natural gas systems and petroleum fluids with Multiflash Software.

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Enhanced Unit Monitoring Enabled by Digital Twin

Understand how a process digital twin drives agility and convergence in understanding actions across the whole business. The key inputs used for a process digital twin, key tasks performed and how KPIs are calculated. Includes a case study of a pilot process digital twin at Saudi Aramco. Published in Hydrocarbon Engineering and co-authored by Saudi Aramco.

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The Platform for Advanced Control and Estimation Plays a Key Role in Air Liquides Drive for Operational Excellence

Multivariable Model Predictive Control (MPC) has helped Air Liquide (AL) for more than twenty years control Air Separation Units (ASU’s). AL realized that their legacy MPC software was becoming increasingly costly to maintain and was not taking advantage of technological progress in the field. Platform for Advanced Control and Estimation (PACE) was selected to be AL’s new standard MPC platform. A multi-year campaign is underway to deploy PACE at AL’s operational facilities domestically and internationally.

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Scaling Value Capture with Digital Twins

An Integrated Asset Model operationalized by real-time data to be used for business-wide situational awareness and decision-making requires digital twins. The kind of digital twin, and how big and fast it will deliver value is key for integrated asset and supply chain optimization. Starting at the foundational molecular level different digital twins cover various aspects and serve distinctly different purposes. Connecting these digital twins, in a scalable way is an assured way of achieving sustainable value capture

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