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Mitigating Corrosion with a Digital Twin


1 hour

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According to NACE, the worldwide corrosion authority, corrosion has caused the upstream offshore production and refining industries USD 65 billion/year in financial loss. They recommend that operators implement a corrosion management system, which can reduce the cost of corrosive damage by 15-35%. Incorporating a rigorous, asset-wide predictive digital twin is vital for achieving these reductions.

Join Rodolfo Tellez-Schmill, KBC's Petro-SIM Product Manager and Process Simulation Product Champion, and Ezequiel Vicent, Senior Application Engineer with OLI Systems to learn:

  • How the Petro-SIMĀ® simulator combined with the OLI Alliance Engine supports the creation of a system-wide electrolyte digital twin
  • How a digital twin provides real-time prediction of corrosion, scaling, and fouling to enhance asset safety, reliability, and profitability

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