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Dynamic simulation of a distillation column for relief load analysis


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Column relief loads are the largest contributor to a refinery flare system. Conventional relief load estimation methodologies are known to be overly conservative and can lead to overdesign of flare systems. Dynamic simulation has become increasingly common in the design and specification of pressure relief systems. Its benefits over conventional hand calculations and steady state simulation are well cited as dynamic simulation is an approved alternative method to more accurately estimate relief loads.

Different relief scenarios were tested on the dynamic simulation model to estimate peak relief load:

  • Total Power Failure
  • Reflux failure /Cooling medium failure/ Reboiler Failure
  • Instrument failure

Register for this webinar where we'll outline how KBC’s Petro-SIM dynamics can be used to:

  • Predict column behavior during relief conditions
  • Time profile of the relief event for an operator intervention
  • Estimate relief load for a depropanizer column

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