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Building the Infrastructure to Drive Digital Transformation


25 mins

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When KBC talks about digitalization it is in the context of the digital applications and capabilities needed to achieve operational excellence: applications and capabilities that derive their value from knowledge of how the plant has operated in the past combined with its current and future potential; and an actionable optimum path to achieving and sustaining that potential.

Using a digitalization roadmap will guide you in what to consider in order to recommend, design and build the applications and capabilities. This webinar outlines what you need to consider executing successfully in order to help your company along the road of digital transformation and will cover:

  • Being digitally wise
  • Roadmap to success
  • The learning from projects at different roadmap stages:
    • Connected data learnings from a public utility
    • System integration takeaways from the power industry
    • Digital success tips in oil and gas

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Digitalization Manifesto

Digitalization allows you to manage day-to-day performance safely and reliably, respond to swings in market dynamics, operate at a true optimum, squeeze down on the gap between potential and realized margin, create more utility for the end customer / consumer, and outmaneuver competition. Find out about our view on Digitalization in our Digitalization Manifesto.


How Digitalization is turbo-charging KPI setting

Turning numbers on a glossy KPI dashboard into profit on your income statement. Digitalization can address many of the issues that have compromised KPI effectiveness in the past. We see a future where KPIs will be smart, backed up with changes in culture and organization to get the most out of the new information, and allowing digital technology to determine the optimum course of action.


The value of Digitalization

Jan 14 2019

For many beginning their Digitalization journey, there is a strong pressure to deliver something big using one of the latest buzzwords – IIoT, Industry 4.0, Cloud, Edge, Big Data, Analytics. Proponents of this input-oriented approach risk applying technology for the sake of technology, without realizing its true value. Here we explore the outcomes and how Digitalization can deliver and sustain true value.


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