Meet our experts at ACHEMA 2018

May 31, 2018 Duncan Micklem, Strategy Director

At ACHEMA 2018, the world’s major fair for the process industry, KBC will be showcasing its latest solutions for managing energy efficiency across the chemicals industry and demonstrating how you can achieve multi-million dollar savings in the short-term.

Management of energy efficiency sits at the core of variable cost reduction. Where energy systems often constrain the process (e.g. major compressors limited by turbine drives or unit throughput limited by process furnace) energy-related bottlenecks can significantly constrain throughput of high margin processes. This represents many millions of dollars in unnecessary costs or production losses and giveaways.

With a track record of over 1,000 process-heat integration energy improvement studies across the process industries and over 80 installed real-time utility system optimizers in place – both open and closed loop – KBC is at the forefront of energy management across bulk chemicals and petrochemicals, fertilizers, pulp and paper and food and beverage industries.

In particular, at the ACHEMA event in Frankfurt, Germany, we will be showcasing the KBC Co-Pilot Program for Energy and Sustainability. The KBC Co-Pilot program leverages the cloud and epitomizes the way in which Operational Excellence-as-a-Service is delivered for real-time performance gap closure, with the following customer benefits:

  • Fewer facility slowdowns through closer performance monitoring
  • Increasing the asset’s gross revenue by identifying opportunities to increase throughput
  • Boosting margins by increasing the production of higher value products and / or minimizing the quality ‘giveaway’
  • Knowledge transfer from KBC experts to the customer’s engineers
  • Minimizing operating expenses by energy saving and reduced maintenance costs

Our energy management solutions seamlessly address all aspects – energy supply, demand and recovery. Our approach overcomes traditional barriers to energy saving, utilizing the following methodology and tools:

  • Rigorous process simulations, to monitor performance and determine optimum operating targets considering both process and energy performance
  • Proprietary Best Technology (BT) EnPIs (Energy Performance Indicators), to generate targets and track energy performance in a consistent way whilst normalizing feedstock and yield effects
  • Site-wide energy management and optimization of utilities to deliver all the results and recommendations to the right people at the right time, to achieve effective delivery of the benefits
  • Cloud-based model assurance, performance management and expert troubleshooting, with Co-Pilot to address and rectify complex issues in real-time

Talk to a KBC expert to learn more about our energy management solutions at the KBC and Yokogawa stand E16, Hall 11.1 at ACHEMA 2018. To book some time with us at the event, please visit this page.

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