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Businesses have been trying to do Digitalization for many years. The changes have been small and slow and with the digital transformation, the rate and amount of change is massive. Learning from early projects will help achieve the value sustainment desired.

There are plenty of benefits in moving from face to face meeting to video conferencing: time efficiency, reduced travel costs and flexible working to name but a few. However, this early foray has had its issues and thus "conference call bingo" was created. Designed for light relief, it does neatly encapsulate the challenging aspects of a Digitalization project.

  • The technology doesn’t quite fully live up to expectations (e.g. Loud painful echo/feedback, call dropping out, lag)
  • System governance and verification needs to be introduced (e.g. "Can everyone see my screen?")
  • New work processes and behaviors need to be adopted (e.g. "Can everyone go on mute", "I’m sorry I was on mute")
  • Sometimes unexpected events (e.g. Child or animal noises)

The stakes are much higher with the size and scale of digital transformation needed by the energy and chemicals industry. Not learning the lessons would be devastating for the business. Poor analytics and AI decision support technology could lose millions of dollars. Lack of verification in automated execution systems could mean you are beyond critical limits. And failing to change behaviors when digitalizing critical work processes can be a safety issue.

If digital transformation is to be done correctly then the entire enterprise must be ready. Its systems are governed, work processes formalized and its workforce proficient. Only with these in place will the operational execution of the technology sustain its value.

Digitally wise companies know that fusing technology and the organization is not straight forward. Even leaders in operational excellence know that they need new skills, verified technology and deep knowledge of the industry. Change management of the Digitalization journey enhances the things you do well and fills the gaps. Continual learning and its application accelerate results and value sustainment.

KBC combines 40 years of expertise in technology, technical, IT and human performance improvement. Our clients benefit from our experience and know that KBC aids them along their digital transformation journey no matter how far along they are.         

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