How AI-driven Model Maintenance Brings a New Era to Process Simulation

Understand the five benefits of an AI-driven automated model maintenance solution.

September 14, 2022 Raquel Neiva and Michelle Wicmandy Read full blog post

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IMO impact clouding your 2020 vision

December 18, 2019

Stephen George

The new global bunker fuel regulations go live in January 2020. The key for refiners in this environment is to make sure they are around when the dust settles. The blog provides some guidance for those that think it is too late to act.

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Are wind and LNG in a race to the bottom?

October 8, 2019

Tim Shire, VP Energy Transition

Keeping a close eye on the key indicators of which way the Industrial Energy Transition is moving sees that LNG and wind are now intertwined – and that’s a problem for LNG.

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Why bother with a Digital Twin?

September 4, 2019

Joseph Ting and Duncan Micklem

Digital twin technology is not a new trend in the energy industry, yet there is still a lot of confusion as to what exactly these twins are and what is their use value. Here we provide an overview of the role of digital twins in the modern energy, chemical, and process manufacturing industries.

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Conference call bingo and Digitalization

June 8, 2019

Andrew McIntee

Digitally wise companies know that fusing technology and the organization is not straight forward. "Conference call bingo" provides great learning from early projects helping achieve the value sustainment desired from Digitalization.

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How should the oil and gas industry respond to the emergence of a market for EVs?

June 5, 2019

Stephen George and Mark Routt

The often-proclaimed electric vehicle (EV) boom is turning out to be more of a gradual growth. Yet, despite the slow pace, we can expect a decrease in demand for oil and gas. Here KBC’s chief economists, discuss how the industry should respond to the emergence of the EV market in order to protect investments.

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Electric vehicles: an evolution, not a revolution

April 26, 2019

Stephen George and Mark Routt

The trend in electric vehicle (EV) uptake is heading upwards. But are we really seeing the explosion in global ownership that is being predicted by the media? Are EVs seriously beginning to threaten the transport fuel markets? Here, Stephen George and Mark Routt, KBC’s chief economists, discuss the current state of the industry, and explain why the impact of EVs will be evolutionary, not revolutionary.

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Why Digitalization can be music to the ears of the energy and chemical industry

March 11, 2019

Duncan Micklem

The energy and chemical industry is a conservative one. Its processes may be complex and there’s more risk involved, but its outdated technology is in need of an upgrade if companies are going to move into the digital age. Find out what the process industries learn from the music sector in their Digitalization strategies.

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Four Digitalization projects to start today

January 29, 2019

Duncan Micklem, EVP Strategy and Marketing

All companies are at a different stage of their Digitalization journey and knowing how to get started can often prove challenging. Here, KBC's Duncan Micklem explores four Digitalization projects digitally wise businesses should start today.

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Digital twin technology and analytics - paving the way to flow assurance

January 21, 2019

Alessandro Speranza, Product Champion

Whilst previously upstream producers have focused on managing their assets for maximum production volume, in the current business environment the main thrust should be on growth. One key growth pathway is flow assurance in pipelines and networks. Here, Alessandro Speranza, Product Champion at KBC, explores how effective KPI setting, analytics and digital twin technology will drive flow assurance.

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