IMO impact clouding your 2020 vision

The new global bunker fuel regulations go live in January 2020. The key for refiners in this environment is to make sure they are around when the dust settles. The blog provides some guidance for those that think it is too late to act.

December 18, 2019 Stephen George Read full blog post

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Digitalization - Upstream's 'electric car' moment

December 7, 2018

Duncan Micklem, Strategy Director

A plant’s success is balanced on the collaboration between its engineers yet differing attitudes towards correlation-based analytics has driven reservoir engineers and process and production engineer’s worlds apart. Here, KBC's Duncan Micklem discusses how Digitalization could be the key to bridging this gap and unlocking trapped value within the upstream oil and gas industry.

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IMO 2020 - T minus 180

December 3, 2018

Mel Larson, Principal Consultant

The IMO regulation has given the industry a valid reason to improve itself. As the 2020 deadline approaches, changes to operating strategies are needed to make the most out of what will be a significant impact.

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Turning Vision 2050 into a reality

November 27, 2018

Stephen George, Chief Economist

Europe’s refiners, through their industry organization Fuels Europe, have set out their long-term ambitions in a new program called Vision 2050. The outlook sees them staking a claim to remain at the center of transport fuels supply, the petrochemicals industry, renewable fuels and energy - even as Europe’s Energy Union strategy mobilizes a low-carbon, sustainable energy transition. Here, KBC's Stephen George explains how refiners can turn Vision 2050 into a reality.

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Why the time to Digitalize is now

November 6, 2018

Duncan Micklem, Strategy Director

Rising operational costs, a retiring knowledge pool and aging, inflexible infrastructure are just three of a number of threats the process industries currently face. These challenges, however, can be resolved if plants adopt an efficient Digitalization strategy. Here, Duncan Micklem, Director of Business Strategy at KBC, argues why urgent action needs to be taken and the time to Digitalize is now.

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IMO 2020: The start of a new era

November 1, 2018

Mel Larson, Principal Consultant

IMO 2020 is a big change to the refining industry, but clearly it is just the start. With market uncertainty and continual regulatory impact, looking at the longer term and doing fundamental business strategies well is the only play. Read more in this blog by KBC Principal Consultant Mel Larson.

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Improving energy and sustainability with cloud-based services

October 12, 2018

Tim Shire, New Solution Strategy and Launch

We’ve seen a huge rise in the number of refiners adopting cloud-based monitoring services in recent years. Tim Shire, New Solution Strategy and Launch at KBC, discusses ways to fully utilize these services to improve energy and sustainability.

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The KBC Xchange and Simulation Software User Conferences

October 2, 2018

Christopher Williams, Event Manager

It’s no secret that the refining industry relies heavily on KBC’s software. So, it was particularly pleasing to hear the captains of the North American refining industry sharing why they find our products and services incredibly valuable at our recent user conferences.

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Addressing the importance of energy efficiency in refining

June 25, 2018

Tim Shire, New Solution Strategy and Launch

We’ve discussed how cloud technologies can benefit refiners with regards to connecting site data with remotely located experts, and providing support where the in-house workforce is limited in skillset. But how do refiners ensure it manages the energy and carbon emissions of their plants, which is a hotly debated issue within the industry today?

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Why oil and gas downstream is turning to digitalization for sustained excellence

June 12, 2018

Mark Routt, Chief Economist

The combination of US tax reforms and changes to the global bunker fuel specifications in 2020 as part of the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) new regulations are set to turn US oil and gas downstream into a cash cow. However, refiners shouldn’t rest on their laurels and must improve their bottom line to stay ahead of rivals and remain profitable in a highly competitive landscape. Here Mark Routt, chief economist, discusses how they should go about making the most of this new opportunity.

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