License to operate

Safety and compliance

The Energy and Chemical industry is inherently risky. They sit in the communities they serve. As such, our software and services recognize that safety and environmental compliance is equally as important to the economic performance of an asset as ensuring reliability and availability of equipment to optimize process performance.

The benefits of using our safety and environmental compliance solutions

Because we take a holistic view to achieving business goals, the solutions we propose and implement will be the very best they can be while assuring your operational safety, all within the bounds of environmental compliance.

Our customers are consistently leaders in their industry in all aspects of their business -safety and compliance, as well as economic performance.


Safety processes development South America

As part of a larger project, a South American national oil company appointed KBC to design, develop and support a new safety program with the aim of improving the company’s existing safety culture.

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Other solutions

Governance process

The cost of not executing flawlessly every time in a competitive, high volume and/or high margin business can be extremely costly – it can eliminate profitability. We offer governance processes to manage risk and written best practices to ensure everyone in your organization understands and performs to the same level. Adoption of such processes and practices are high on the board room agenda because they are key to long term sustained performance and competitiveness.

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