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Performance assurance

Organizations that perform at their best are able to adjust to changing dynamics without compromising competitiveness. KBC has proprietary methodologies and technologies to ensure you have the resilience to ride out internal and external turbulence, while continuing to deliver superior results with the resources and capabilities available.

What's included with our performance assurance

KBC is focused on delivering sustained enhancement of return on capital employed for our clients. We do this by ensuring your core operating assets - people, the technologies you use and the business processes you execute - perform at their very best. Our solutions are outcome-driven and designed to produce long-term, sustainable benefits.

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Our products and services

Our performance assurance solutions span your business operations from end-to-end and include:

  • The fundamental monitoring systems and capabilities required to understand the current state of your operations
  • Technologies and services to help you analyze and optimize your choice of feedstocks
  • Tools, expertise and cloud solutions to improve and optimize your operations including process units, energy production and usage and inbound and outbound supply chain
  • Scheduling software to manage and optimize product slate blending and transportation logistics
  • Best practices and technologies to assure the physical integrity of your assets

Our other solutions

Operations management software

We offer deep industry and operations domain knowledge to ensure you focus on the right KPIs and set realistic operating targets. Many of our software applications include robust built-in data reconciliation algorithms to eliminate interpretation errors due to bad or missing data.

Feedstock optimization

Feedstock is the biggest operating cost for most plants. We offer deep know-how of industry and production economics, coupled with high fidelity simulation models to allow accurate prediction and optimization of feedstock choices.

Process optimization

We offer high fidelity simulation models of process facilities to faithfully represent reality, utilizing fundamental chemical and mechanical principles to create accurate digital twins of process facilities. Our subject matter experts can then provide advice and opinion to enhance yield performance and throughput.

Energy optimization

We offer industry-leading energy and utility system optimization technologies and consulting advice enabled to identify a multitude of cost, environmental and operating improvements that balance the yield-energy trade-off.

Distribution and supply chain optimization

Our process simulation software enables optimal feedstock selection and identification of potential imbalances between interdependent operations. Our cloud services monitor product inventories and process operations and extend the visibility of your supply chain beyond the plant.

Production accounting software

We offer state-of-the-art technology that enables production accounting and data reconciliation. In addition, we can provide loss studies which incorporate benchmarking performance against best practice, and development of product loss management programs.

Asset integrity assurance software

Manufacturing facilities only generate value when they are running. We offer consulting solutions focused on asset strategy, leadership alignment and governance model development, through to reliability assurance, online maintenance and shutdown maintenance support.

Organizational competence and alignment

We offer consulting solutions focused on achieving strategic leadership, delivering organizational change management and human performance improvement.

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