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License to operate

Our customers face an increasingly inter-connected world, where lapses in focus on legal, regulatory and stakeholder developments potentially come at significant cost. Your license to operate is at stake every day. Our industry solutions recognize the specific local and regional regulatory and political environment in which you work, and ensure you can maintain the critical balance between economic growth and competitiveness vs. social progress and environmental stewardship.

Why KBC has a licence to operate

Safety and compliance sits at the core of all KBC's solutions. Our engineering simulation technology, software applications and services, and, extensive process know-how are focused on maximizing your profitability at all times, They are also subject to goals and constraints around operating safely, minimizing environmental impact and overall being a 'good neighbor' to our surrounding stakeholders. We take these obligations seriously because we know you do.

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Our products and services

The world-class practices that are part of our operational excellence services promote safe operations with equal weight to reliable and profitable operations.

Our resource efficiency solutions balance the production / yield and energy-efficiency trade-off. Our human performance solutions deliver accelerated capability transfer and operational readiness to the next generation of industry experts, ensuring operational excellence can be maintained into the future.

Other solutions

Safety and compliance

The Energy and Chemical industry is inherently risky. They sit in the communities they serve. As such, our software and services recognize that safety and environmental compliance is equally as important to the economic performance of an asset as ensuring reliability and availability of equipment to optimize process performance.

Governance process

The cost of not executing flawlessly every time in a competitive, high volume and/or high margin business can be extremely costly – it can eliminate profitability. We offer governance processes to manage risk and written best practices to ensure everyone in your organization understands and performs to the same level. Adoption of such processes and practices are high on the board room agenda because they are key to long term sustained performance and competitiveness.

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