Future competitiveness

Investment decision support

The business case required to evaluate the feasibility of an investment always depends on certain key assumptions. These determine whether value will be created or destroyed by the investment. We can ensure that key assumptions are sound, which is crucial to the success of your investment decision-making processes.

How we can support your investment decision making

Our focus is on validating the key assumptions of business cases by employing rigorous technical models and extensive subject-matter expertise to minimize uncertainty.

To do this we consider:

  • Local, regional and global supply, demand and pricing trends
  • Potential future scenarios based on political, economic, socioeconomic, technological, legal and environmental developments
  • Key competitors, their competitive advantage and associated mitigation
  • Asset configuration, operating costs and production economics
  • Product marketing strategies
  • Organizational requirements to ensure competitive advantage is sustained

The impact of key assumptions is quantified in financial models which clearly articulate how value will be created through time-weighted, cash-flow-based incremental returns. All secondary and tertiary costs, together with their associated benefits, are also reflected.

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Due diligence consulting

When investing or recapitalizing, accurate and comprehensive due diligence is essential to a full understanding of financial and corporate risk. In the Energy and Chemical industry, we ensure financial decisions are sound by not just relying on generalized financial principles, but also on specialized domain knowledge.

Organizational effectiveness

Converting strategy into results requires planned, managed and successfully implemented organizational effectiveness. We ensure superior results by helping you combine your people, processes and technology, which is fundamental to achieving sustained long-term success.

Engineering design

A project’s Front End Engineering Design (FEED) phase allows design to be influenced and optimized at relatively low cost however mistakes and oversights can be extremely costly to rectify. We can assist with a robust project design basis to take advantage of the low-cost environment of the FEED phase.

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