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We work in the Energy and Chemical industry with a focus on upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas, petrochemicals, basic and performance chemicals, and power generation and distribution. These are geopolitically sensitive and capital intensive businesses that entail high commercial and physical risks. We assure our customers of excellent outcomes, optimizing your return on capital employed while maintaining the very best of standards in safety and regulatory compliance.

How we support the Energy and Chemical industry

We provide solutions in both the design and operations phases of your assets, helping you boost your return on capital employed by maximizing revenues, minimizing costs and reducing capital employed. We leverage all aspects of your business operating model - people, processes and technology - to deliver maximum asset value at the highest acceptable risk. Our solutions ensure your assets are optimized for performance, future competitiveness and the license to operate.

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Our products and services

Our technical and commercial subject-matter experts use our proprietary engineering software to ensure clients achieve best-in-class performance.

Our software enables complex, multi-faceted engineering and operations challenges to be solved more efficiently, rigorously and holistically. Powered by the cloud, our solutions remove time and distance barriers, enabling knowledge to be digitized and delivered with fewer organizational constraints and at lower cost.

Our other solutions

Oil and gas downstream

KBC's heritage is downstream oil and gas. Our Petro-SIM simulation products are the de facto industry standard, with over 20 refinery reactor models. Our PIP (Profit Improvement Program) consulting services launched in 1993 have yielded over $20 billion in returns for our customers.

Oil and gas upstream and midstream solutions

Our Mutliflash PVT (pressure-volume-temperature) advanced thermodynamics package is the de facto standard in upstream oil and gas. Well*Share is also the benchmark for sharing of real-time production data among oil and gas producer joint venture partners.

Bulk and commodity chemicals

Petro-SIM includes reactor models for the main reactors creating petrochemical building blocks – ethylene and aromatics. Our WebTechnician cloud service enables chemical suppliers to differentiate themselves through customer intimacy via remote technical services.

Performance and other chemicals

Our WebVMI service is a cloud-based solution that supports vendor-managed inventory strategies. By having real-time access to inventories at their end user sites, our customers can offer a guarantee to their customers that they will never run out of product.

Energy power systems

We provide IT services to the power industry to systematize the business processes involved in making operations excellent. In addition, PowerShare is a cloud-based solution to provide fleet-wide access to real-time power generation and asset health data from small distributed renewable energy power generation sources.

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