License to operate

Governance process

The cost of not executing flawlessly every time in a competitive, high volume and/or high margin business can be extremely costly – it can eliminate profitability. We offer governance processes to manage risk and written best practices to ensure everyone in your organization understands and performs to the same level. Adoption of such processes and practices are high on the board room agenda because they are key to long term sustained performance and competitiveness.

The advantages of our governance processes and best practice solutions

Because we take a holistic approach to optimizing your operations, it means our solutions often cross internal organizational boundaries such as supply chains, planning, operations, maintenance, and health, safety and environment.

Our business processes and best practices form a structure of governance that ensure that solutions adopted are measurable, repeatable and auditable - a clear definition and alignment of strategic goals delivered throughout the business operating model to ensure superior results are realized and sustained.


Real-time data as a corporate asset

KBC was appointed by a US multinational oil company to build an enterprise historian consolidating data across 8 separate on-shore oil field operations. The project objectives were to (1) Create a central system of record for all real-time data to the separate operations could be managed holistically; (2) Improve user confidence in the quality of the data; (3) Ease cross-site access to all data; (4) Enforce a culture and system of data governance to ensure on-going success.

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Other solutions

Safety and compliance

The Energy and Chemical industry is inherently risky. They sit in the communities they serve. As such, our software and services recognize that safety and environmental compliance is equally as important to the economic performance of an asset as ensuring reliability and availability of equipment to optimize process performance.

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