Future competitiveness

Engineering design

Front end loading of engineering design allows designs to be influenced and optimized at relatively low cost. However mistakes and oversights during the conceptual design phase can be extremely costly to rectify at later stages. We can assist with a robust project design basis, reducing the uncertainties and managing the interactions between disciplines, which is key to taking advantage of the low-cost environment of early phases of project development.


Our software products equip design teams with the best tools available in the industry.

Through the use of smart, non-linear simulation, sizing and costing tools, we are able to de-risk key assumptions regarding capital and operating costs.

We offer engineering design software and services for well bores, pipeline networks, topside gathering facilities, gas processing plants, oil refineries and petrochemical plants. Our solutions enable the efficient and effective definition of process descriptions, unit operations, process flow and block diagrams, heat and mass balances, equipment sizing and all capital costing.

Other solutions

Due diligence consulting

When investing or recapitalizing, accurate and comprehensive due diligence is essential to a full understanding of financial and corporate risk. In the Energy and Chemical industry, we ensure financial decisions are sound by not just relying on generalized financial principles, but also on specialized domain knowledge.

Organizational effectiveness

Converting strategy into results requires planned, managed and successfully implemented organizational effectiveness. We ensure superior results by helping you combine your people, processes and technology, which is fundamental to achieving sustained long-term success.

Investment decision support

The business case required to evaluate the feasibility of an investment always depends on certain key assumptions. We can ensure that key assumptions are sound, which is crucial to the success of your investment decision making processes.

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