IMO 2020: The marine fuel sulphur cap

What could the marine fuel sulphur cap mean for your refinery?

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Formulating your refinery's best response

The IMO regulation limiting sulphur in the fuel oil used by ships to 0.5% becomes binding from January 1, 2020. It is the most disruptive change to impact the oil industry in the last 30 years, but it is just the start. There is already talk of further environmental legislation within the shipping industry.

We have been guiding our customers in the new process operating envelopes, reviewing with maintenance, and coordinating with planning to maximize the profit potential.


Leaving a sustainable legacy of excellence among our customers

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No future for high sulphur transportation fuels

KBC sees a future where high sulphur transportation fuels don't exist, be it on land or on the water. The abundance today, and in the future, of heavy sour crudes suggests investment in the right asset mix; firstly to process discounted crudes and secondly to maximize their margin potential.

Looking at the longer term and executing fundamental business strategies well is the only way to solve the refiner's bottom of the barrel, and improve the bottom line.

Read the whitepaper 'European refining 2050: Turning the vision into reality'

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Book a 1-day on-site 'Beyond IMO 2020; Planning for success in the midst of chaos' workshop with a KBC expert and the key stakeholders from your refinery. We'll analyze your refinery's unique situation and the organization's capability to deliver the operational changes and capital investments needed to achieve your desired outcomes. The workshop includes:

  • Alignment and the organization's understanding of your post-2020 plan
  • Discussion on the view of the future and KBC's assessment on the plans to match that future
  • Outline and review what will be involved in helping transition to that future

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