The Industrial Energy Transition

The energy transition is just beginning and the economic and technical forces driving it show little sign of abating.

Industry needs to act as it will affect every area of business.

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A range of possible scenarios may play out – doing nothing is no longer an option

An evolution not revolution scenario will require cost efficiency and effective use of capital to compete against others in a gradually declining market.

A Plausible Disruption scenario sees much greater emphasis on renewable electrical energy use, both in industry and by end users.

In either scenario, energy efficiency offers the best ROI for delivering reductions of 10-20%, and reduces the future capex for electrification or carbon capture.

However, deep energy savings are proving elusive, with difficulties in systematically identifying, evaluating and implementing improvements across a portfolio.

KBC’s sophisticated top-down analytics and expertise, generates a step change in performance across supply, demand and re-use of energy, as well as a strategic perspective to make changes compatible with long term zero-carbon roadmaps.

What does the industrial energy transition mean for your company?

Investors are increasingly assessing carbon emissions and strategy when making investment decisions. Preparedness for the energy transition is critical for access to capital.

Public pressure is leading regulators to mandate action and impose carbon taxes. Management of greenhouse gasses is becoming a critical license to operate issue.

In a low carbon future the energy sources used and products made will need to be compatible with climate goals.

The challenge is also aligning the organization, and fast!

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Change aligned to your transition strategy

KBC are working with clients, right now, to help them build their energy transition roadmap out to 2050. And then helping them deliver.

KBC are helping clients to:

  • Act now to reduce the impact of the transition on your business
  • Navigate the many alternative decarbonization routes, reducing the substantial risks of capital misallocation.
  • Take the right actions on the trends and counter trends that has made the energy transition an executive imperative.

Develop energy improvement revamps easily and accurately

  • Digitalization of energy management will be a key enabler for faster and deeper efficiency cuts in the short term.
  • Reduce carbon intensity with 20-30% reductions being economically possible with current technologies.
  • Identify improvement opportunities, evaluate benefits and predict future scenarios.

“Using rigorous benchmarking technology gave a National Oil Company customer confidence that all possible gap closing opportunities had been identified. Savings totaled €8 million and more than 80 energy performance indicators were identified to help the customer sustain benefit over the long-term."

Allan Rudman, Vice President Energy Services, KBC

Manage and impact scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions

  • The governments want to take action, technology is not an impediment and the market won’t maintain the status quo
  • Create a roadmap to zero emissions while managing financial costs, business disruption and competitiveness
  • Use proprietary energy benchmark KPIs to ensure the optimum synergy of process and energy performance.

Optimize emissions and manage energy production and storage to participate in the emerging smart-grid

  • Forecast across multiple time periods to determine fuel and power commitments, enabling you to optimize major utility running and storage strategies
  • Optimize plant performance in real-time, responding to fluctuations in power grid and utilities pricing and demand
  • Automate prescriptive analytics to optimize energy costs within given constraints

Download the manifesto

The manifesto provides deep insight into current realities, scenario predictions and how major players are adopting a range of substantially different strategies to adapt.

Download the Industrial Energy Transition manifesto

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