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What are the hot topics within the Energy and Chemical industry?

We regularly see common issues or themes during our interactions with our customers. Here, we detail some of these hot topics and how our services, provided by industry experts with specialist knowledge in operations management, engineering, optimization, automation and real-time data management, can help you to address them.


The KBC Co-Pilot is there to remotely support your facility with our expertise, insight and technology, supplementing your own capabilities and resources. Using the latest secure cloud-based technologies, the KBC Co-Pilot assures that your facility will always achieve its full potential.

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Digitalization can turn a distracted organization that is bogged down reacting to day-to-day issues and inundated with data, information and advice, into an agile, well-tuned machine that anticipates issues and organizes to prioritize and solve them before they escalate.

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Value chain optimization

Value Chain Optimization helps asset owners and operators drive top line revenue growth, at significantly less cost. Value chain optimization enables the asset and its respective supply chain(s) to operate at its true optimum, squeezing down on the gap between potential and realized margin.

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Energy transition

Are your energy systems restricting your production and profitability in today’s volatile market? Saving energy is the most reliable way to reduce operating costs and improve profitability in this market. We typically save our clients between 10-15% on energy costs and carbon emissions.

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