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IRPC Operations

Industry event


September 21 & 22, 2021

8am - 5pm

Two days

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IRPC Operations is a virtual conference with a focus on the latest equipment, services, tools and technologies to optimize refining and petrochemical operations and maintenance efforts for a safer, more efficient, more profitable and sustainable work environment.

We're pleased to be taking part in this year's event and will be delivering a presentation on "Key innovation concepts to impact frontline engineers in 2022".

Frontline engineers and managers continue to be impacted the most by Industry 4.0 shifts. The implications of senior management changes are felt by operators through the actions of the engineers and managers. There are key innovation concepts that by understanding and adopting will give a head start on delivering effective operations.

Register for IRPC Operations and join our presentation on 21st September, 11:50am CDT (Session 10) to gain an understanding of:

  • The benefit of a focused acceleration for plant management in the application of digital transformation
  • The strong risk of applying technology for the sake of technology
  • The way that connectivity will increase the efficiency of the day-to-day, troubleshooting and optimization of the facility

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