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  • How to respond quickly to the IMO 2020 regulation Middle East perspective
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How to respond quickly to the IMO 2020 regulation Middle East perspective

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Concerned you are running out of time to address how your refinery is going to navigate the impact of the IMO 2020 global sulphur cap for marine fuels? Address tomorrow's problem today!

Middle East refiners producing heavy sour crude will be affected by the IMO 2020 regulation. Their residue will no longer be bunker quality, therefore affecting output and profitability. Many Middle East refiners are concerned about what they can realistically achieve by 2020, but it's not too late to initiate a plan. Action must be taken quickly to formulate a strategy to implement your post-2020 solution that’s in line with new economics and market realities.

Watch this On Demand webinar to hear KBC’s thinking on the subject that affects refineries in the Middle East. Stephen George, Chief Economist and Arjan Baks, Regional Operations Manager will:

  • Examine market access, competition and the effect on pricing and key product price relationships
  • Give their forecast for fuel oil consumption and refinery margin contributions
  • Discover how you can assess whether your assets are fit for 2020 and beyond
  • Find out if your bottom-of-the-barrel strategy will be robust enough under a variety of pricing scenarios
  • Evaluate the options: Burning or upgrading your own HSFO supply, making new compliant bunker fuel
  • Discuss the changes in operations and planning systems that are realistically achievable by 2020

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