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What we offer

VM-SCS is a robust, agile and user-friendly scheduling tool that facilitates execution of the optimum production plan, with minimum margin loss due to operational constraints. Covering your entire end-to-end supply chain network, it creates an actionable schedule, generating reports on deviations and offering comprehensive scenario planning.

VM-SCS has an in-built engine that embeds business rules and protocols to allow for full automation. Its flexible and customizable user interface eliminates the need for external data processing and allows for multi-user collaboration via a web-based interface.

VM-SCS allows operators to:

  • Minimize quality giveaway
  • Minimize deviation from production plans
  • Reduce use of costly blend components
  • Comply with governmental, regulatory and environmental requirements
  • Reduce demurrage costs

Our products and services

Take control of your entire supply chain scheduling process. VM-SCS enables management of all elements of the chemical and hydrocarbon supply chain, including:

  • Crude oil nominations
  • Ships and jetties
  • Pipeline and tank yard operations
  • Feedstock and product blending

Early indicators of deviations are identified and monitored in real-time in the same simulation environment that guides the scheduling and production accounting processes. 

A powerful scheduler interface offers an advanced and dynamic visual environment, including:

  • Gantt charts
  • Process graphics
  • Blending grids
  • Tank volumes
  • Process flowsheets

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