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Key features of the SIM Reactor Suite include:

  • Detailed kinetic and equilibrium representations of relevant reactions
  • Precise stream characterization of feeds and products
  • The ability to model process designs from all licensors

Where relevant, reactor models include detailed catalyst activity models to account for fresh catalyst properties, feed contaminants, catalyst deactivation and catalyst makeup.

The SIM Reactor Suite covers all refinery processing reactors, as well as olefins and aromatics, allowing the creation of completely integrated site-wide models of unlimited complexity.

All models are available stand-alone or within Petro-SIM, allowing you to model the units either within the Petro-SIM flowsheet environment or Microsoft Excel. Multiple sets of data or cases can be easily compared in tables or auto-generated charts.


Catalytic reforming: read our REF-SIM fact sheet
Isomerisation: read our ISOM-SIM fact sheet
Alkylation: read our ALK-SIM fact sheet
Catalytic cracking: read our FCC-SIM fact sheet
Naphtha hydrotreating: read our NHTR-SIM fact sheet
Distillate hydrotreating: read our DHTR-SIM fact sheet
VGO hydrotreating: read our VGO-HTR-SIM fact sheet
Residue hydrotreating: read our RHDS-SIM fact sheet
Hydrocracking: read our HCR-SIM fact sheet
Visbreaking and thermal cracking: read our VIS-SIM fact sheet
Delayed coker: read our DC-SIM fact sheet
Aromatics production: read our AROM-SIM fact sheet

Read our Petro-SIM product brochure


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