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Petro-SIM is a rigorous decision support tool. Its unique open platform architecture promotes exceptional levels of integration and collaboration between project teams. It allows date-based simulations and scenarios to be fully developed, making it a uniquely effective predictive and analytic tool. It closes the loop between monitoring and planning, allowing for real-time comparisons of plans, actuals and simulations. 

For upstream oil and gas, Petro-SIM is the only purpose-built simulation software that can ensure facility processing capabilities meet long term reservoir needs. 

In oil refining and petrochemicals, Petro-SIM works in tandem with our world-leading SIM Reactor Suite to create the only proven simulator capable of scaling from reactor units to entire refinery petrochemical facilities.

In other industries, Petro-SIM supports plug-ins for other 3rd party simulation tools.

Key features of Petro-SIM include: 

  • Addresses each phase of the lifecycle of a facility 
  • Integrates processes, pipelines and utility systems within a single environment, including highly detailed sizing and rating models for unit operations
  • Built to work in real-time, for monitoring unit health and profitability
  • Allows superior collaboration and version control, and the ability to build in your own design standards and checks
  • Contains all the infrastructure to connect and manage messy real-world data, including historian connections, data validation and reconciliation
  • Supports data and model analytics, with all simulation calculations stored in a database for historical analysis and datamining


Read our Petro-SIM product brochure 

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