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Effective economic optimization of hydrocarbon supply chains can boost profitability by more than $40 million per year for a typical oil refinery. Chevron has quantified over $10 billion of internal savings from the use of PETRO since the first version was created around 30 years ago. KBC is pleased to offer PETRO to our customers as an integrated component of our supply chain management technology portfolio, comprising Petro-SIM simulation, Visual MESA Supply Chain Scheduling (VM-SCS) and Visual MESA Production Accounting (VM-PA). For production planning PETRO offers a number of benefits:

  • Robust solution which quickly finds the optimum as a result of superior recursion implementation and modeling techniques
  • Quickly create new cases and compare any number of different cases in detail. A comprehensive set of standard reports along with the ability to create custom report allows planners to effectively communicate results.
  • Change model parameters and coefficients without having to modify the underlying models, minimizing problems caused by inadvertent changes to the model

Our products and services

Your production planning will benefit from better accuracy, improved economic results, greater acceptance by operations and a more sustainable model.

  • Petro-SIM uses rigorous chemical and physical science to accurately model refinery and petrochemical processes over a wide operating window and is used extensively for both process design and operating performance management
  • VM-SCS allows plant personnel to schedule and simulate operations on an integrated supply chain topological model, easily identifying possible imbalances between interdependent operations
  • VM-PA generates mathematical reconciliation models to detect losses, custody transfer errors and data input errors in support of mass loss detection leading practices
  • PETRO uses distributed recursive LP technology to give advice to traders on optimal bids for feedstocks. It processes thousands of variables to arrive at the most valuable operations parameters and the most economic mix of products to produce, buy or sell. It also provides analysis used in discussions with environmental agencies to evaluate different future regulation scenarios.  Compared with conventional planning tools that use standard LP technology, PETRO excels at solving problems at a global (multi-unit) level.

In combination, Petro-SIM will act as a Digital Twin of the plant, continuously connected to real-time plant data sources to faithfully maintain a calibrated accurate model of the plant.  From time to time it will check the linear models in PETRO and automatically update them to match the linearized current operating envelope.  Planning scenarios from PETRO based on up-to-date linear models will output to VM-SCS which will validate feasible and optimal schedule taking account of all upcoming commitments and constraints. 

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