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Example applications built by KBC include:

  • A WITSML-PI interface to translate the depth-based syntax of a typical oil well drilling system to the time-based syntax of a typical historian (in this case the OSIsoft PI system). The application allowed the customer to manage the full lifecycle of the well from discovery through end of production in a single software environment.
  • A suite of tools to enable end users at a large integrated public utility to manage their business – generation, training and development, planning, asset health and safety – in one central environment. This was achieved despite an explosion of data from a newly installed environmental management system and advanced grid technologies. The customer achieved reductions in the time taken to troubleshoot faults, fewer outages and improvements in situational awareness.
  • A performance-monitoring tool that generated and synchronized asset data models directly from Petro-SIM process models. In doing so, we were able to identify relationships between actual and simulated data, greatly reducing the effort needed to create and maintain models and ensuring consistency in structure and naming conventions across plants.

We have particular expertise in building applications native to the OSIsoft PI System (on premise and in the cloud), making use of their one-of-a-kind asset framework technology.

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