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What we offer

We provide software services focused on operational excellence ranging from custom software design and development, through implementation and configuration of in-house and 3rd party applications, on-premise and in the cloud, all supported with 24/7 help desk and global training services.

Our products and services

Process modeling services include software installation, problem definition, model set-up, constraint identification, model calibration, optimization criteria and linear programming (LP) vector generation.  When used for performance monitoring, we will assist with set-up of the Unit Monitoring Tool – connecting it to a real-time data source, configuring the data sufficiency and reconciliation rules, and building Petro-SIM Explorer KPI dashboards.

Our operational technology and IT services focus on data modeling and building applications that use real-time data models to derive value. We gather requirements, build specifications, recommend make versus buy, code applications and / or procure, implement and support third-party tools as necessary.

A 24/7 help desk is available to support all users.



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