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This Multiflash training is aimed at beginners and less experienced users, as well as frequent users who want to get updated with the latest developments in Multiflash.

No previous knowledge of Multiflash is required and the seminar covers topics from the fundamentals of phase equilibria and transport property models, a general overview of the software, fluid characterization, hydrates and hydrate inhibitors, wax precipitation, wax deposition, asphaltenes and how to use Multiflash in an Excel spreadsheet.

The seminar is focused on demonstrations and hands-on exercises and a temporary Multiflash license will be provided to seminar participants so that they can work on their own computers before, during and after the training seminar.

Learning Objectives

On the successful completion of this seminar, the participants will have gained the necessary knowledge and skills in order to use Multiflash for fluid characterization and flow assurance modelling studies (hydrates, waxes and asphaltenes).

Who should attend the course

This training seminar is aimed at engineers involved in petroleum fluid modelling and flow assurance issues. It will provide guidance on the benefits and limits of the available models. There is no assumption of previous Multiflash use.

What to bring to the training

The seminar will include the essential elements of “hands-on” training using KBC’s Multiflash software, therefore we would be grateful if you could bring a laptop with the software pre-installed. A one-month Sentinel license file (ending .kbclic) and software download link instructions will be sent a week before the seminar commences. This Multiflash trial license file will allow you to practice the cases after the seminar. If you are interested in purchasing the Multiflash software, please contact a KBC representative.

Your laptop should have the minimum specification of 1GHz Intel Pentium Processor, 1 GB Memory, 10 GB Hard Disk and Microsoft Windows 7 and offline 32 bit version of Microsoft Excel 2007.


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