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This section gives overviews of projects with KBC's clients in the energy and chemical industry. Here you will summaries of a wide range of different projects that we have delivered for our clients.

We also have more in depth articles in our case studies area.

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Controlling fouling on preheat trains

KBC was appointed to perform a fouling mitigation study on a crude unit with frequent crude changes. The unit was suffering severe fouling issues due to 6-year runs between turnarounds, resulting in capacity loss and high energy consumption.

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Corporate training and competency development standards

As part of an Operational Excellence initiative, KBC was engaged by a major Middle East customer to develop and implement corporate training and competency development standards, and to design and implement a routine maintenance improvement strategy across two facilities.

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Crude oil storage and transfer

A major US Gulf Coast multinational oil and gas company asked KBC to perform an assessment of crude oil supply and storage, including leased terminal facilities and piping supplies. Their objective was to increase flexibility in storage and transfer methods to enable processing of a greater variety of crude oils and improve the refinery margin.

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Development of Diploma in chemical operations

As part of a larger organizational project, KBC partnered with a South African university to jointly design and develop a qualification aimed at training young diplomats for employment in the local oil and petrochemicals industry.

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Due diligence analysis for refinery upgrade

Due to our unique simulation and consultancy capabilities, KBC was asked to conduct a technical, commercial and environmental due diligence analysis to help assess the viability of converting an existing refinery into a heavy oil upgrader.

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Energy and water savings in a low-price environment

KBC was appointed to develop a sustainability program for a diversified group of manufacturing companies active in Petrochemicals, Chemical Specialties, Agri-Nutrients and Metals. The group was looking to achieve a corporate target of 25% reduction in energy and water consumption by 2025 at one of their methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) production facilities in the Middle East.

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Energy cost reduction

Repsol, Spain's largest energy company, approached KBC when they were looking for an energy management system for their Tarragona Refinery, an integrated refining and petrochemical site. The site had a production capacity of 186,000 b/d.

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Gas plant mercury contamination assessment

KBC was appointed by a large operating company to help them assess the risks associated with mercury contamination at a gas plant during its design phase. Mercury represents a serious hazard, risking the corrosion of facilities and presenting significant health and safety concerns associated with its potential uncontrolled diffusion.

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Global capability development

KBC was appointed by a North American-based global customer on a capability development project focused on new-hire and console operator training, policies and standards. The project encompassed all the company’s wholly-owned refineries around the world.

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