Russell Byfield

Global Simulation Business Leader

Expert in: Oil & Gas production, field development, geological & reservoir modelling, design, fabrication and commissioning of facilities and pipelines

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About Russell

Serving as the Global Simulation Business Leader, my curiosity continuously drives me to push boundaries and discover better ways of doing things. From an early age, I was fascinated by how things worked and how I could make the world cleaner and more efficient. As a result of this passion, I pursued a chemical engineering career in the oil and gas and petroleum industries, where I have worked directly with eight oil and gas software companies and have used software from several others. 

My role in guiding the technical and commercial roadmap for KBC simulation software solutions fulfills me. Having hands-on experience in oil and gas production, field development including geological and reservoir modeling, design, fabrication and commissioning of facilities and pipelines, I appreciate how simulation, modeling and well-integrated digitalized workflows can assist in developing and optimizing a field. This considers the various constraints from reservoir management through gathering, processing and exporting which now increasingly focus on minimizing emissions and creating a decarbonization strategy to achieve net zero.  

I enjoy creating solutions that can be scaled across many users who find new and increased value in the solution. To ensure consistency and compensate for staff losses, I envision one universal simulation model that is automatically maintained and enables local and global optimization to interact intuitively as well as seamlessly across all groups.  

I am grateful for the experiences that the oil and gas industry has provided me to explore innovative ways to improve operations while fulfilling my passion for culture. Because this industry operates in many remote places worldwide, the opportunity to rough it in a tent has been enjoyable. 

My most meaningful career highlights include creating innovative vessel designs, leading the sale of a world-record breaking pipeline project, cofounding and running an engineering consulting business, serving as chairman and director of an ASX listed technology company, and leading a team that created an upstream oil field solution for an international operator.

Away from work, I enjoy traveling, photography, scuba diving, cycling, tennis and squash. I love enabling my family to succeed in their chosen endeavors and admit that I suffer from proud dad syndrome.