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Safety processes development South America

The challenge

The client’s operations were beset by unsatisfactory safety performance, unstructured business work processes and low staff morale.


KBC developed and delivered a practical, fit-for-purpose safety program focusing on personal safety and based on 8 distinctive life-saving rules. We implemented best practice processes including:

  • Safety walkabouts
  • Job safety analyses
  • Monthly safety meetings
  • Procedures associated with the work permits system
  • Procedures for the investigation of incidents and accidents

Technical and field health and safety support was provided. Safety-related communication materials were produced (flyers, videos, newsletters, banners, pocket cards and posters). Social activities such as safety rallies helped redefine the client’s safety culture and improve staff morale.

The results

The program resulted in an improved safety culture throughout the organization, covering risk identification, work procedures and the use of personal protective equipment. No serious disabling accidents were reported during project turnaround and rehabilitation, a significant achievement given that the client’s operations involved high-risk activities and over 6,000 workers. The culture of emergency-response and emergency-response-specific plans and drills was significantly improved, as was staff motivation and morale with regard to safe practices.

Our experts say

“The client was able to complete and successfully execute a major refinery-wide revamp project with no serious disabling injuries for the 6,000 onsite contract workers. The scale of the work is indicated by the total number of work permits issued, which was in the region of 151,000.”
Dave Loubser, Senior Staff Consultant, KBC

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