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Reliability availability and maintenance consulting

The challenge

The customer operated across several geographic locations in North America, Europe and China. Preliminary assessments across these sites highlighted differing systems, cultures and human behaviors, leading to a range of processes, methodologies and levels of performance. The primary challenge of the project was thus to implement new and consistent practices across the company’s sites.


KBC’s approach was to take the best from existing company practices, incorporate them with the highest industry standards, and then roll-out these new practices across the customer sites to create a new corporate standard. New methodologies were implemented to either complement or replace existing ways of managing reliability and maintenance. These included:

  • Risk management, utilizing risk analysis to support efficient and effective decision making
  • Routine maintenance planning and scheduling, with enhanced use of CMMS
  • Asset policies, developing optimal asset care programs to cover operation, predictive and preventive maintenance
  • Defect elimination, covering the systematic analysis of problems to identify root causes and ensure no repeats
  • Performance management, to drive a culture of continuous improvement using targeted key performance indicators

The results

The identified benefits of the project across global operations exceeded €250 million per year in profit improvement. This was achieved through the increased utilization of assets and a reduction in maintenance costs of over €100 million.

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