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Refinery planning and reconfiguration

The challenge

The primary challenge of the project was to work out how to integrate the new refinery into the country's existing refining circuit while achieving the customer's financials targets.


KBC developed a detailed Petro-SIM representation of the entire refining circuit to evaluate the crude rate for the new facility. This allowed us to optimize the transfer of intermediate products within the country’s refining circuit while maximizing the existing units’ processing capacities. We analyzed pre-treating versus post-treating options, looking at:

  • Risks, benefits and return on investment
  • Reliability assurance through multi-trains decisions
  • Probability, frequency and impact of key equipment failure
  • Optimization of storage capacity

The results

The project generated millions of dollars of savings for the customer and reduced the country’s reliance on importation of finished products.

Our experts say

“Cutting edge software tools used with seasoned industry consultants make an unbeatable combination for success and customer satisfaction.”
Maria Aldescu, Senior Consultant, KBC

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