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Realizing OpX supported by digitalization and organizational enablement

The challenge

The customer was experiencing issues with weak company thinking regarding loss prevention. In addition, there was a need to align operating practices with the wider corporate plan. Overall the company had a drive to improve operating efficiency.


We developed and rolled out our operational excellence program, To begin, we:-

  • Conducted a thorough assessment of the situation and opportunities
  • Developed a holistic program to address the identified gaps and prepare a prioritized roadmap
  • Partnered with the client on initiative implementation

Following the initial phase we conceptualized and designed the operational excellence model in consultation with senior leadership, and implemented management systems and business processes.

We focused on margin capture. By implementing operational improvement, the refiner ensured increased short-term profitability, turnaround optimization and curtailment of potential production losses.

We recommended a major realignment and focus on developing basic capability in the organization.

In addition, we took steps to address fundamental safety behaviors and risk management.

The results

Over $10m in benefits was captured in year 1 of the program with implementation plans in place to capture an additional $30m in year 2. The customer re-established baseline capability in the maintenance function to safely execute routine turnarounds in the future.

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