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Offshore deepwater oil well operator shares data in real-time with JV partners

The challenge

Oil companies are driven to partner in deepwater oil and gas production to mitigate risk, but their partners in one operation are often their competitors in another.  As a result they do not want to connect their systems to each other for fear of data leaks, and also because they cannot easily support one-another’s disparate data and security standards.


Our customer chose Well*Share which is a cloud based solution for sharing data from oil and gas wells in real-time.  Well*Share typically ties in behind the operating company’s firewall to mirror data from their process historian in accordance with their unique data and security requirements.  Mirrored data is then served to the various JV partners according to each one’s own data and security standards, essentially acting as a “universal adaptor” among the various parties.  For those partners who prefer, data is instead presented via a web portal where various dashboards and reports are available, and an alerting system notifies any abnormalities.

The results

Well*Share is the de facto standard for real-time data sharing in the Gulf of Mexico.  Almost every major oil producer uses Well*Share for inbound and/or outbound data sharing.  It is an efficient, arm’s length means for large corporations to fulfill their data sharing obligations without having to make any changes to their own policies or systems.

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