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Natural gas pipeline operator uses data sharing cloud service to attract and retain customers

The challenge

The pipeline has over 12,000 customer-facing meter stations.  Data and information associated with each meter resides in a multitude of stand-alone systems each representing our customer’s relationship with its over 150 customers in a different way.  In order to be transparent with its customers, a cloud-based solution for sharing this data was required that would be cost effective without changing any of the non-integrated source systems.


KBC’s supplied its Meter*Share solution.  Meter*Share was configured to collect process data from over 40 historian servers and other information such as reports and documents from various other systems  and make them available through a common data model to over 600 users at 150 customer locations.  Our customer “white labels” Meter*Share under its own brand to present the solution as an integrated part of their service offering. Each customer accesses only the information they are authorized to in order to manage their daily nominations process.

The results

Meter*Share is an integral part of our customer’s customer intimacy proposition.  A measure of its value is that it was initially deployed in 2011 and has been in operation ever since.

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