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Managing operating goals as a cloud service

The challenge

The customer wanted to ensure that its assets were always operated according to the company’s best practices, established based on years of experience.  But with aging operations and engineering staff constantly being replaced by a younger, less experienced work force, it was becoming more and more difficult to ensure that the company’s best practices were being followed.


Because of its expertise with real-time data application and long track record delivering real-time cloud services, the customer selected KBC to develop OGM (Operating Goals Manager) as a standard application to be delivered through a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model.  OGM allows users to define measured variables and tasks as Indicators.  These Indicators all have criteria which if not met are an indication of an undesirable or out-of-normal (OON) situation.  If OON situations exhibit certain characteristics, such as a persistence over a significant amount of time, a Non-Conformance (NC) is declared.  NCs are reported to the organization, and the organization is held accountable for addressing issues and implementing the corrective actions.

Each of these indicators contains company knowledge such as the reasons for the specific operating envelope, consequences for not addressing an excursion in a timely fashion, recommended actions to address an excursion as well as stored company procedures and documents and captured commentary to aid in the delineation of information and resolution of NCs.


The results

OGM is being used in four gas plants in Western Canada as a cloud service, tracking thousands of live Indicators in real-time and supporting hundreds of users.  OGM is fully embedded in the client’s business process, from playing a vital role in their shift handover process, to supporting various engineering and maintenance functions, through providing plant performance statistics to upper management.

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