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Integrated end-to-end supply chain simulation

The challenge

With limited jetty capacity to handle both raw materials receipts as well as multiple product dispatches, the scheduling of these jetties, integrated to the tank yard facilities as well as the processing units, had a degree of complexity that required simulation modeling tools to assist the decision making process of the scheduling personnel.


KBC provided Visual Mesa Supply Chain Scheduling (VM-SCS). Modeling covered the production scheduling of all processing units as well as the jetties.  The project included delivery of training for daily use and integration with the plant historian (Yokogawa’s Exaquantum), production accounting system (KBC’s VM-PA product), planning system and ERP System (SAP).  Operation instructions generated by VM-SCS were exported to Yokogawa’s manufacturing execution system for implementation by the operator.

The results

Through the implementation of VM-SCS, our customer was able to have in one model an entire representation of the future inventory and quality positions of all their raw materials and products.  This enabled them to determine the necessary actions to address day-to-day scheduling challenges of normal operations as well as scheduling issues encountered during less common operations such as start-up.

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