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The challenge

The company needed KBC to assess all its assets worldwide and to evaluate the status quo against best practice. The project therefore needed to cover 7 refineries around the world, each with different training systems.

The solution

KBC developed a comprehensive capability development program comprising the following elements:

  • Global learning and development policies, operator hiring policies and console operator selection policies
  • New-hire operator training and console operator fundamental training programs, the curricula of which included plant safety, process hazards, process safety management, process equipment and refining
  • An advanced console operator engineer course
  • Additional material to support new corporate programs, including situational guidelines, unit technology manuals, manual templates and simulator scenarios

While most of the training itself was delivered directly by the customer, KBC also provided support in the delivery of the initial fundamentals training program.


The results

KBC produced a comprehensive set of well-defined corporate learning and development policies, supported by a training master plan and detailed curricula. A detailed and updated new-hire and console operator selection policy was produced in support of the customer's operator progression plans. Policies were successfully validated across multiple customer sites, providing the required consistency throughout the organization.

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