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Combining leading software and consulting services for profit improvement

The challenge

The client was looking for quick win opportunities that did not require investment so went out with a profit improvement tender.  CAPEX type investment projects would take too long to implement and realized benefits would potentially be diluted due to the continuous dynamic nature of the refining business.  


The scope of work included very complex site operations and a challenging deadline of 5 months to flowsheet the entire plant and deliver the final study before penalties kicked in. We undertook a very detailed screening of opportunities to ensure we focused on strong opportunities that were practically possible to implement. Combining consultants with both field expertise and simulation technology knowledge ensured we were able to complete the project quickly within one year including implementation of opportunities. We provided the customer with Petro-SIM software allowing them to evaluate our recommendations and calculations in order to build confidence in our proposals.

The results

We delivered the project on time and exceeded the customers’ expectations by implementing sustainable benefits which achieved 48 cents per barrel with a further 20 cents per barrel easily achievable for the client to implement with their internal expertise. 

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