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Capability development Middle East

The challenge

The customer wished to formally assess the technical knowledge of over 650 staff members, including new hires and long-term staffers. As well as the logistical issues involved in assessing the knowledge of such a large group, resistance was expected. A well-developed change-management program was needed to mitigate resistance.


KBC developed and delivered a set of foundational knowledge assessment tools to over 650 of the customer's field and panel operators, operations supervisors and engineering staff. Subject areas included safety, processes and equipment operations. A workplace assessment manual was also produced, along with supporting demonstration assessment tools.

KBC reviewed a sample of existing, internally developed procedures and task books and provided the customer with alternative, fit-for-purpose templates. We provided train-the-trainer, procedure development and assessment development coaching to the customer's training staff, and supported the customer with workshops in change management and change communication / planning. In addition, we developed and implemented an operations and engineering career progression road map.

The results

The project identified major knowledge gaps in the customer's field and panel operators, operations supervisors and engineering staff. To address this, a gap closure plan was developed and successfully executed. The career progression road map was also rolled-out successfully, lifting morale and providing numerous opportunities for staff to develop their careers.

Our experts say

“We are pleased to report that our capability development project, in recognition of the way it was managed, has earned an internal Bronze Chairman’s Award for successful execution.”
Dave Loubser, Senior Staff Consultant, KBC

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